Little Paddy's Day-care is a Registered and Licensed Home Day-care by Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.

Welcome to Little Paddy's Daycare

Mission Statement

Little Paddy's Day-care mission is to create values that are fun and exciting for children to learn. We provide a safe motivating environment that offers nurturing and learning opportunities for children. Each child is guided through daily educational curriculum and activities with reinforced learning. We encourage and build each child's imagination, self- esteem and creativity.

Learning Environment

Little Paddy's Day-care environment is clean, safe, spacious and well organized. The child sized furniture educational learning tools will help your child expand self-reliance in taking care of his/her personal educational learning needs. Your child's learning experience will be enriched by educational equipment we provide, such as books, computers, educational toys, musical software, and personal learning stations. Each child will be assigned his/her personal educational learning computer. Nap mats will be provided to ensure your child's comfort during nap time.

Many day-cares offer a ratio 16:1. Little Paddy's Day-care offers a 3:1 ratio, which provides each student with more dedicated learning guidance to prepare them for Kindergarten. We offer the required and necessary curriculum such as math, science, computer skills, art, history and reading. We are dedicated and focused to preparing children for a confident head start to Kindergarten.

Additional ServicesABC Image

  • Pre-K Educational Curriculum: Math, Science, History, Reading, Writing and Creative Art
  • Each child will be provided an educational learning computer
  • Educational field trips
  • Full-time day-care
  • Part-time day-care
  • Drop- in day-care
  • After-school day-care & tutoring
  • After- school pick-ups
  • Meals and snacks are provided according to USDA standards
  • Additional outdoor activities to encourage fitness and coordination
  • Drop- in day-care (Drop-in rate $58 per student per day)

We are near Moseley Elementary, Florence Elementary and Gardner Elementary.